Elfeed: Using emacs for reading RSS

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In last years I have been using Emacs for almost all my daily tasks:

  • Reading my emails (using mu4e).
  • Creating the slides for my courses using org-beamer.
  • Using dired to navigate for the file system).
  • Publishing this blog (using Hugo and ox-hugo). However, the new version is done with zola and it is accesible codeberg.

The last thing to integrate into emacs is reading blogs and news from RSS files. Adding elfeed and elfeed-org I was able to create RSS. elfeed-org is very simple, it allows to add the feeds as items in org-mode:

- Blogs                                                              :elfeed:

  - https://www.meneame.net/rss                                  :news:portada:
  - https://www.meneame.net/rss?status=queued                            :news:
  - http://planet.emacsen.org/atom.xml                                :emacs:
  - https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/.rss                     :programming:

The tags for each feed will be shared for all articles.

Then, loading elfeed, it can be obtained a screen showing the different articles:

Screen elfeed
Screen elfeed

And selecting an article, it can be open, read and open each link by the default browser.

Showing an article with elfeed
Showing an article with elfeed

Several opinions about elfeed:

  • It is very simple to use.

  • The use of tags is very powerful, not only they received the tags from the category, and you can add a tag to an article.

  • The search filter is simple and very powerful, you can filter both for date and for tags.

  • The search filter can be kept as bookmark, so using C-x r b it can be seen the article using a particular filter.

To summary, elfeed has been a great discovery. If you use emacs, give it a try.